What It Does

Qaeré users collaborate with one another using the medium of Inquiry and Response. The person requiring assistance or information will formulate an Inquiry which, based on how it is categorized, will be distributed to a group of the respondents most likely to provide this assistance or information. The respondents may be retirees and other employees of the same organization, or employees of other participating organizations. Once the responders have provided their input, the inquirer reviews the responses, selects the ones that appear most appropriate, and stores them in a KnowledgeBase for others to access.

The Process


Employee requires some
information, guidance, etc.
Employee creates an inquiry.

Selection algorithm identifies the most qualified responders, and emails the inquiry to them


Responders offer views,
opinions, data etc.

Responses are send to
the inquirer


Inquirer selects the most
appropriate responses.

These are stored in
the KnowledgeBase.


Any Employee can access the
KnowledgeBase to view saved
Inquiries and Responses