Mission & Vision

Qaeré addresses significant business needs that have been concerning senior executives in both public and private sector since the 2008 recession and before:

  • The Baby Boomer generation is going to be leaving the workplace over the next 5 years, taking with it a vast quantity of knowledge and expertise that is crucial to the organizations they are leaving.
  • No organization has yet found an effective means of storing and cataloging this Boomer knowledge and expertise. Unless something is done, it will be lost forever.
  • Many organizations have multiple sites and locations, some domestic, some international. Knowledge and expertise resides in all sites and locations, but there is frequently little interaction or exchange of ideas between employees at these locations.
  • Many organizations have tried to institute communication tools, but the results have not been successful since few use a common classification to ensure that all participants are on the same page.

Qaeré is an online software service that addresses all of these critical issues. It was born out of a realization that existing solutions simply were not working, and that a fresh look needed to be taken in order to protect the intellectual capital of organizations throughout the world.

Our Vision

Our Vision is a global information network that will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and data in an open, easy to access forum. The use of inquiry/response, similar to a blog, will provide a medium through which ideas can be exchanged and problems solved, without resorting to costly consultants or other professionals. It will enable organizations to harness all the intellectual capital residing in past and present employees, as well as tapping into the ideas and opinions of other organizations in the same sector or industry.

Our Vision is also aimed at providing retirees a means of remaining in constant contact with their former employers, and continuing to participate in decision making and guidance, even though they are no longer active employees. This will provide a sense of worth and self actualization to a group who might otherwise have thought that they had been consigned to the ranks of 'the forgotten ones.'

Our Mission

Our Mission is to attract the widest possible participation in the knowledge network. We want to enroll organizations in the private and public sectors, the 'not-for-profit' sector and higher education to participate in this exchange of ideas and opinions, facts and data. We want them to appreciate that, because every element is underpinned by a common classification, the resulting knowledge will be classified, categorized and easy to access.

More Info

Qaeré is based on an Inquiry/Response engine that enables employees who require data or guidance to be directed to the individual most able to assist.

  • The inquiries can be directed to retirees in the same organization, or current employees, both in the same organization and in other organizations
  • All inquiries and responses are categorized using a common classification, to ensure all parties are using a standardized categorization grid
  • Responses that are considered worthy of retention can then be stored in the organization’s permanent KnowledgeBase