Qaeré (pronounced "query") is an online network that enables organizations to collaborate and share information within their own organization, with their retirees, and with external organizations.

The Issues

  • “I am concerned that the retirement of the Baby Boomers will result in a loss of intellectual capital to my organization.”
  • “My organization consists of many subsidiaries and departments, each of which is pursing strategies and activities that can influence the future of the organization as a whole. Yet I cannot marshal the collective intellect of all facets of my organization into a unified strategy.”
  • “My organization is facing many issues that are being faced by other organizations that are in similar areas of business to my own. But I am unable to learn from their experiences and mistakes.”

The Qaeré Solution

  • Qaeré provides the means for an organization to remain in contact with former employees, and so benefit from their knowledge and experience long after they have left the organization.
  • Qaeré provides a forum for members of the same organization to exchange ideas with others in the organization who are most qualified to provide advice and support.
  • Qaeré provides the organization with access to the experiences and solutions of other organizations in similar endeavors in a way that raises that capabilities of both organizations without impacting competitive advantages.

What makes Qaeré unique?

It pinpoints the people most capable of providing solutions.

Qaeré uses a complex algorithm to to determine which members of the network, both within your organization and beyond, possess the necessary expertise and experience to assist you to resolve your issues. Searching for information is done with pinpoint accuracy. No more search returns of 5 million items - Qaeré will match you with the most appropriate experts in the network. Think of it as LinkedIn meets!

How It Works?

  • 01

    Join the Network

    Subscribe to the Qaeré network, classify your organization in terms of its industry or activities, and catalog the skills and experience of your employees and retirees

  • 02

    Qaeré the Network

    Send inquiry to the network about issues and problems and allow the network’s sophisticated algorithms to match your inquiry with experts, (internal and external) most competent to offer advice and guidance

  • 03

    Analyze and debate Responses

    Evaluate the responses received from the matched respondents, refine the solutions and derive the most appropriate answers

  • 04

    Commit to KnowledgeBase

    Store the inquiry and appropriate answers in your KnowledgeBase for future reference and guidance

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